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Here, We Offer…

  • Cosmetology Programs
  • Aesthetics/Esthetics Program
  • Nail Technology Program
  • Master Educator Program
  • Natural Hair Braiding Program

First off, we are pleased that you are considering a career within the Cosmetology Sciences!  Hence, there will always room for passionate professionals in this growing field. Therefore, whether you like working with hair, skin, or nails, your selection of here will allow you to pursue a career path that suits you. In conclusion, you are on the threshold of a great opportunity. 


Additionally, we offer affordable programs so that you can start learning immediately to prepare for cosmetology school

Consequently, Philly Beauty School Offers Affordable Cosmetology, Esthetic, Nail Tech, Natural Hair Braiding and Teacher Prep Courses. Finally, Get Your License Now!

Philly Beauty School Nail Tech Class


In addition, checkout our courses below. 

Likewise, start learning today with our prep-courses. 

For instance, even before enrolling in our full-time cosmetology or esthetics programs.

Invest In Your Future

Similarly, our in-class programs complement our online courses. Hence, the theory portion of our Cosmetology Program can be completed online.

Here, we break down our Cosmetology Program which totals at (1,250 hours).

Primarily, we’ll cover the Curriculum which includes 50 hrs of Professional Practice.
    • Firstly, we go through Orientation in the physical or virtual classroom. 

    • Secondly, we cover Bacteriology, Disinfection, Sanitation and the fundamental differences between them.

    • Thirdly, we focus specifically on Professional Attitude within the workplace.

    • Fourthly, we cover the best Business Practices in the beauty and salon industries.

    • Fifthly, and one of the most important we cover the ordinances of the PA Cosmetology Law

200 hrs

In closing, the remaining 1k hours is practical and requires hands on experience on our campus.


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